Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal AnalysisTM Is a natural and evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness. Practitioners use their hands to perform gentle precise touches to the spine which cue the brain to shift our body from defense posture and stress physiology to peace, development, reorganization and wellness.   Unique healing strategies involving breathing and subtle movement… Continue reading Network Spinal Analysis

Defence or development?

Defense or Development? Your body’s big dilemma! As an alternative health care practitioner, over the last few years we have discovered some basic truths regarding health and the human experience, a bit like universal laws which when denied, bring us humbly back to the drawing board. Although some of these truths challenge current cultural belief… Continue reading Defence or development?

Are Diseases Really Genetic?

Are Diseases Really Genetic? Are we Victims of our own DNA? For most of us, just hearing words like ‘cancer, arthritis and stroke’ evokes fear and worry. The fear is that one day, for some ‘genetic’ reason, our normal healthy body cells will suddenly malfunction and start destroying us from the inside out, leaving us… Continue reading Are Diseases Really Genetic?

Illness or Wellness

Illness or Wellness There are basically two philosophies when it comes to healthcare. The first is an illness based philosophy. It assumes that the body is not very clever and not very well designed and sometimes it just goes wrong or forgets how to work properly. In this case we must go and see a… Continue reading Illness or Wellness

Philosophy, The Subconscious Mind & The Law of Attraction

Philosophy, The Subconscious Mind & The Law of Attraction The last few years, we have been asking more and more philosophical questions regarding our experience of life and the experiences of others. We used to think cynically of philosophy as a kind of ‘airy fairy’ abstract intellectual subject for people who wanted to avoid ‘real… Continue reading Philosophy, The Subconscious Mind & The Law of Attraction

Maintenance Care of the Spine

Maintenance Care of the Spine Your car often needs service…  what about your spine? Why do you get your car serviced regularly even when it’s running well? Obviously, to make sure that it continues working without any trouble! Likewise, once your chiropractor has helped your mechanical health issues, it is wise to keep your body… Continue reading Maintenance Care of the Spine