Health, Relationships, Body Language and Human Spirit

‘Modern medical science’ was founded in the 17th century by the French physician / philosopher, Rene Descartes. He wanted to dissect the bodies of the dead to investigate the human body. As the church and the police were the same thing in those days, Descartes had to get permission from the Pope to use the dead bodies. The Pope reluctantly granted permission on the condition that Descartes concerned himself strictly with the physical parts of the body as the non-physical aspects i.e. mind and soul were strictly the property of god and should not be tampered with. Here was born the idea which still prevails that the physical body or that which can be examined with the human eye is scientific and that which is non physical i.e. emotion, mind and soul serve religious purposes only. The grand irony here is that this very basis upon which modern medical science is based was defined by the dogma of the 17th century catholic church!  Surely its time to move on.

Albert Einstein, possibly the most famous scientist in history said “Science without spirituality is lame and spirituality without science is blind”. Before Einstein, Isaac Newton (the discoverer of gravity) in the early 18th century had announced to the scientific world that the universe was a giant predictable mechanical clockwork machine that was built out of atoms which were like the basic building blocks of everything. He stated that this mechanical machine the universe carried on regardless of human life, in other words, that there is a fixed reality whether we observe it or not.

Einstein with his relativity theory blew all Newton’s generalisations apart and demonstrated to the world that reality, space and time are all relative depending on the conditions of the observer, and that the difference between solid/non-solid or physical and meta- physical is an illusion of the human brain rather than absolute reality.

If you pat yourself on the shoulder and feel the flesh under your hand, the physical body you just touched appears to be solid, but as a whole, it can be broken up into systems such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system and muscular system etc. Systems can be further broken down into organs such as the brain, heart and liver. Organs are composed of tissues that are made up of cells, then molecules then atoms and then sub-atomic particles such as protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks and mesons which are all actually energy waves not ‘physical’ bits.

Positrons and electrons when brought together in perfect balance create pure white light which is the essence of the universe. Spiritual traditions throughout time and various religions have referred to this light as spirit or god or just love. Scientists call it ‘quanta’ but it’s the same thing and its what everything is ultimately made of. Science and God have finally met!

Ok before you stop reading, this is not supposed to be a physics lesson. We just want you to realise that your body is made up of nothing but electromagnetic energy waves resonating at different frequencies. You are an energy being. Cool huh!  You may have said, “I’m picking up strange vibes today”, well that’s exactly true. Your brain is designed to perceive different frequencies of vibrating energy and create a picture of reality out of it so you have a world to live in. Physical and non physical is just vibrating energy at two different frequencies.

When you are picking up ‘bad vibes’ from someone, you are literally receiving the frequency at which their body energy is vibrating. The vibration state of a human body is defined by the amount of tension in the tissues of our body, especially the spinal chord. This is what we call ‘body language.’  Body language is actually body posture which is generated by nervous and muscular tension which perfectly matches our core emotional state. This is why we can tell what someone is feeling from their body language much more accurately than from what they say. This is especially easy with people we know well. We trust people based on their body language, not what they say. 80% of our communication is body language.

Interesting our ability to accurately interpret body language is dependant on the flexibility we have within our own body language. This ability to use and interpret body language is also closely related to longevity and success in health and life.

Here’s some humorous tips:

Guys… women put a high value on men who can read, interpret and pay attention to their emotional state. This is being ‘present’ in the relationship. Girls… men put a high value on sex, feeling successful and televised sport of course. Guys… if your woman ever says she would like you to be more in touch with your feelings, she really means more in touch with her feelings, not yours. So guys, learn to read and use body language and be more ‘present’ with your women, and you’ll get more sex, guilt free TV sport and she’ll make you feel a success despite your failures. Girls, if your guy is not reading you as you would like, its because he’s probably stuck with his own body posture!

Funnily, one of my female clients in my chiropractic practice was so tired of her stressed out unresponsive husband, she said it was like talking to a brick wall. She told him that there would be no more sexual activity until he saw her chiropractor. This didn’t bring him in to happy to me but he lightened up in the end and said in jest;
“Tell her I’ve been in twice this week.”

So back to physics, just as positrons and electrons are positive and negative forces which when brought together in perfect balance create light, human energy beings are filled with positive and negative emotions which when balanced, cancel each other out and create love. Love is not a positive emotion, but a balanced state of knowing, gratitude, peace, harmony and presence. Its like an awareness of divine order and balance. When we achieve this state our bodies resonate in perfect harmony with the universe and we start healing, which means moving towards our maximum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status.

There cannot be happiness without sadness, sadness without happiness, pleasure without pain, praise without reprimand, support without challenge and so on. Every crisis carries a blessing of equal size and all blessings lead to an unexpected challenge. This is life’s way of making sure we don’t stop evolving. The problem comes when we focus our attention only on the one side i.e. positive or negative, we prevent the two coming together to birth our true spirit. People who seem always so happy are denying, suppressing or just not expressing their sadness. People who are sad all the time are suppressing their happiness. This works with pleasure and pain and all perceived positives and negatives in life. Such lop-sided perception creates much difficulty in peoples lives. If you are willing to look carefully, life is constantly in balance with positives and negatives in its drive to express spirit. Its physics!  We cannot escape the laws of the universe because we were created from those laws!

All perceived negatives without positives or vice versa in life which have not been resolved or brought into balance are stored as vibrational tension in our body and show in our defence postures, movement and body language. All vibrational disharmonies, block the expression of human spirit and create illness if unresolved. The purpose of the illness is to wake us up to the fact that we are not expressing our human spirit to its full, which is our purpose here on earth.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a gentle chiropractic technique which assists the brain in releasing defence body postures, blocked emotional states and vibrational disharmonies so the person can express more of their potential in health and life and more of their human spirit.

The ability of a human being to express his or her maximum spirit, potential, health, fulfilment and freedom depends on their ability to go through their maximum range of vibrational frequencies and bring the extremes together to birth their spirit or quanta. Recipients of NSA consistently learn to play the instrument called the human body with the maximum precision and harmony possible for the demands of the moment. Life then can become a like a bright torch that flickers and goes out rather than the slow decline that it so often is.

By Roger Smith and Nikos Kalogeropoulos