Spartathlon 2010

On the 24th and 25th of September, for the first time in twenty years, three Chiropractors joined forces with the physiotherapist, to volunteer their services in maintaining the physical body of an ultra marathons quest to conquer the Spartathlon.

One of the cruelest and toughest road races takes place from Athens to Sparta to commemorate Pheidippides quest, 2500 years ago, whom reached Sparta (36 hours from departure) to request the help of the Spartans! This is a 246 km run against the forces of nature and man himself. By the athletes side was an exceptional Chiropractic team, which offered their services and gained knowledge from such an elite athlete. Through extreme temperatures of heat in the day to a wet wintery night, the athletes and volunteers alike were unstoppable! Seeing all kind of problems from back pains, fatigue, dehydration, muscle cramping, painful tight muscles, exhaustion and mental fatigue, etc. We did our best and made our services known within that community of athletes and physiotherapists.

I would like to thank George Giannopoulos, Michael Kalinderis in joining me to represent the Hellenic Chiropractors Association in this historic event. I would like to see more volunteers in the future and for it to become an annual event!