Spartathlon 2013

The 31st “Spartathlon” ultramarathon race (246 km), run from Athens to Sparta, took place on the 27-28th September 2013.  Like every year the applicants were many, but only 320 athletes had the honor of participating.

Once again three members of the Hellenic Chiropractors’ Association provided valuable assistance to the athletes. Thank you to George Giannopoulos, Nikos Kalogeropoulos and Michael Kalinderis. With specific Chiropractic adjustments, which helps restore normal joint function, and some specialized muscle work, most of the runners where able to complete the race. Chiropractic care is important during a race/event but also even more important during preparation for this and any athletic event. By managing and restoring normal function of the spine, the nerves are allowed to function optimally, and hence the body is able to perform more efficiently.

The gratitude received from the athletes was overwhelming, which only makes it easier to committing ourselves to renew our arrangements next year!!